Child Of Reality- My New Book!!

Hello world, it’s Max. As you know if you’re reading this, I am a writer. I write short stories, books, poems and literately anything else that can be written. I’ve posted many of my short stories, poems and even some chapters of some of my books. One thing I’ve never really posted is a summary […]

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Short Poem

Hello world, it’s Max. I’m taking a break from my challenge to post a poem I wrote on Nov.10.2017.   There lie a corpse of an innocent, hurting, girl Under a tree A tree she once used to love And out of her corpse came the soul of a kind hearted boy Who now inhabits […]

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My Newest Song

Hello world, it’s Max. I was just doing some late-night song writing and came up with this. It’s a little odd if you don’t know the tune, but I like it. Tell me what you think, I would really like to know if the part where I put “Took her own life/she was society’s price” […]

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Learning To Be Lost….

Hello world, it’s Max.  I didn’t want to start this post like that, it just didn’t feel like that type of post; But considering that’s how I start everything I decided I would. Huge run on sentence, I know. I just love semicolons and commas. Sue me why don’t ‘ya. I wanted to start with […]

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I’m The Lead Singer In A Band

Hello world, it’s Max. As you know, all of my posts have been prewritten for a couple posts now, with the exception of  Bi Pride Day!. At the time of me writing this, my band has been alive for 3 days. (Our birthday is 09-24-17, if you were wondering) The band is called Ebony And Ivory, and […]

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