What I Wrote About At Age 10….

Hello world, it’s Max. Now I’ve been writing most my life, which means there are plenty of abandoned projects that I thought would make great novels. I wrote poems that I forgot, and even parts of short stories for my friends. I wrote a lot about the idea of the four elements, mainly because my […]

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Mirror – Poem

Hello world, it’s Max. I’m here with another poem for you guys,   Why is it that every time I face the mirror with open eyes I see the same face I despise? I have to fight, with all my might, Just to see myself the way I like. Yet, I still see The same […]

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Binder Giveaway

Hello world, it’s Max. I recently found out I’ve been binding 3 sizes too small, which explains a lot. And it also means I have two, virtually unused, binders available for anyone who needs them. They are both from GC2B and XXS. To find out your size, go here https://www.gc2b.co/pages/sizing. To apply, go here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScvYMVsxSIcE-eEFRVE0sJCNX15MyTJUj1Kf1wPQH-IHnWHlQ/viewform?usp=sf_link. If you […]

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