Bind Safely And Here’s Why

Hello world, it’s Max. Today I’m doing an update and a PSA. So, recently I was having really bad chest pain. I ended up having to call in to work and go to the er. It turns out, I injured myself from binding. There was a problem with my ribs being inflamed, because I was […]


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Hello world, it’s Max. Recently I had a psychiatrist appointment, and something unexpected happened. I got up the courage to ask about testosterone. And you know what they told me? That I had to ask my PCP. (Primary care physician) So, I made an appointment to go see my doctor. And now my doctor is […]

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Were; What You Stole- A Poem

Hello world, it’s Max. Here with another poem. You were kind. You were Funny, Smart And Caring. What happened? Now you spit Words of hate. Your words wrap around My broken heart And seep into Every wound, Like lemon juice to my paper cut. I use your words To justify self harm But deep down […]

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Where I’ve Been….

Hi guys. So, it’s been over a year since I last posted. A lot has happened. I left here initially because of my trip to the mental hospital. Since then I’ve been hospitalized 5 times. January 2018: I called the National Suicide Hotline. Tom, from North somewhere, answered. I told him how I was feeling […]

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What I Wrote About At Age 10….

Hello world, it’s Max. Now I’ve been writing most my life, which means there are plenty of abandoned projects that I thought would make great novels. I wrote poems that I forgot, and even parts of short stories for my friends. I wrote a lot about the idea of the four elements, mainly because my […]

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